Torrent downloads are not working

What it says on the tin- none of the .torrent files from the download page actually seem to do anything. Torrents from other sites such as the internet archive are working just fine, so it’s not a problem with my machine. I’ve been waiting on it all day, but no peers are connecting, nor can it connect to the tracker. I started with the most recommended release, but it’s the same deal for all versions on the main downloads page.

I just tested it, and within a few seconds I have Lubuntu 22.04.2 downloading with 47 of 50 connected peers. I can access as expected (it reports 325 seeders & 3 leechers)

As I typed the above, I now see 36 peers for the other release that is offered (ie. 23.04 or our latest system), in fact now 50 peers are detected for this one… The tracker reports 224 seeders & 4 leechers currently for this one, though only 50 were connected to me.

I didn’t try the Lubuntu 22.10 release, but it took my system at most ~15 seconds before both (22.04.2 & 23.04) were downloading. Are you sure you’re using the official Lubuntu site? Otherwise you’ve likely got network issues.

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I’m sure I’m using the correct site; I tried both this one ( ) and the ubuntu site ( Lubuntu 22.04.3 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish) ) with the same result. What could be the issue if torrents from other places are working? Could it be my firewall? Is it just one of those bizarre “just restart your computer” kind of issues?

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I’m not knowledgeable about torrents, but am aware some networks can prevent them from working; this is especially the case with school, corporate and other controlled networks. If you’re on such a network, the resolution will likely be network specific.

I’d recommend just using a regular download (wget using HTTP/HTTPS/FTP/FTPS etc), or my own preferred method is just using zsync as it allows me to not download everything (eg. if I have another like ISO, I can use it to download only the differences & thus update it to the ISO I really want; reducing the bandwidth required though it uses CPU calculations to compute what needs to be downloaded).

All three methods of download are covered in our manual -

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Thank you for the reply! Sorry for not responding for a while, there was an unexpected interruption in my ability to access my computer. I’m not certain, still, of what caused the problem, but I have downloaded the “image” through the traditional channels as opposed to torrenting it. If for some reason I ever do figure out what the issue is/was, I’ll make a new thread or post it here if it’s before a month has gone by.


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