Tips and Tricks for Snaps

When it comes to Snaps we can see several myths around it but today i will like to share some tips and tricks for Snaps, which busts few myths around Snaps.
1) Snaps AutoUpdate and it cant be stopped :
This is not true, if you have snapd 2.58+, you can simply pass the following command to
stop snaps from Auto-Updating → snap refresh --hold (use sudo if needed)

2) Snaps cant be used without Sudo

    This is also another Myth, You can use snaps without sudo, as follows :
    Using sudo:
          The sudo command ensures the command following it is executed as the root 
          administrative user. While not a requirement for using snaps, creating an Ubuntu 
          One/SSO account, and authenticating once with snap login <email-address>, removes 
          the need to use sudo with snap commands.

If this becomes a doc i will add more… :wink: :blush:

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How to make this as Documentation ?? and how i can contribute to Lubuntu Wiki ??

You can’t.

If I (or others) decide it belongs in documentation, the page will be turned into a wiki and moved into the documentation section.

We have a number of places for documenation

If you want to create stuff for this site; I’d recommend you just create it (possibly the development section is best if you’re creating, you can move it to where it belongs when done, or if you have issues; PM me or another moderator of the site & we’ll move it if we agree it belongs elsewhere).

I’ll suggest using more white space, and try and keep your documentation neutral (ie. I’d not mention huge negativity/toxicity etc, just calmly express your beliefs & let your words & proof show the facts)

Any questions, we can usually be found on IRC (which you can also access via telegram/matrix) though our responses will not be instant, but we will respond when we can (but here works too if better for you).

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