Thumb Nail View on Folders in Linux

Hello All…
I have tried multiple file managers in Linux, But with no success of making it show me the folder as a thumbnail view. The files inside the folders show thumbnail view, But I would like the folder itself to show a picture.
Is there a setting that needs to be turned on? Or am I missing something?
Can Linux O/S even do this task?

Thanks for any support in advance.

I get that behavior with Dolphin file manager in KDE (kubuntu). I don’t know anything more about this topic, whether other file managers can be configured to do that; whether Dolphin can be used on Lubuntu. (Being geared more for lightweight, I wouldn’t expect Lubuntu to have this behavior by default. I assume it adds some overhead. But, maybe it’s not much compared to generating thumbnails for all the files in a folder. The problem is that these things add up. “10k here, 5k there there. Pretty soon we’re talking about real memory.”).

This does not work in Lubuntu.

If you right click on the folder in PCManFM-Qt (Lightweight file manager) and select ‘Properties’ you can change the folder icon with something from the system’s icon files.

  • Right click on the folder then select ‘Properties’
  • The File Properties window will open; notice the file icon button to the left of the text box containing the file’s name. Click on the file icon.
  • A window will open allowing you to ‘select an icon’ from /usr/share/icons.
  • The file type of the icons is .svg

I hope that helps. I am not sure how to create a .svg file, so I usually just use the icons supplied by the system. I’m not sure how to get a custom picture on your folder icon, which I assume is what you wanted, but I hope this helps you to further customize your system.

If you can find a way to convert the image that you want into the proper file type, you should be able to create your own directory of custom images.


Hey Jeff,
This does not work on my machine. During step 2, The icon is there but I can´t do anything w/ it.
Dose not allow editing. I suppose it has to do w/ the version of file manager I have. See spec´s below:
Lightweight file manager
using LibFM ver. 1.2.5
Thanks for your reply.

I don’t know what “lightweight file manager” is but if you mean pcmanfm-qt, what Jeff suggested is easily accomplished. Here I did it to the Documents folder:


Now having the folder show thumbnails of its content automatically is a feature LXQt does not support, but you can always make an upstream feature request though I can’t guarantee they would be interested in implementing such a feature. If that’s what you want, consider Dolphin, e.g.:


I tried Dolphin, it will not do what I need it to do.
Iḿ just going to chalk this one up as a lost cause.

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I’m starting to wonder if perhaps you don’t have a defective installation. I’m not sure how multiple people can do what you can’t without that explanation. Or perhaps you’re explaining something incorrectly? Is what I showed in my last reply what you’re looking for?

NO, It was not.

I will try to explain better: In WINDOWS, You can have multiple .mp3 files in a folder with a picture (JPEG) of the album cover. When you back out of the folder and have thumbnail view selected, you see the album cover on the folder view. So with that said If you have multiple folders showing inside your file manager, then all folders show a different album cover depending whats is that folder.

If you need a screenshot I can make that happen.

There is not a LINUX file manager that I see that can reproduce that effect.

Try dolphin (a KDE/Qt based file manager).

I just opened it on my Lubuntu system, and whilst I don’t remember what is in the 2019-10-03 folder, it sure looks like photos & I bet the white character is a parrot (Little Corella) and it’s photos of birds. (I checked it was :slight_smile:)

ps: the folder second from left on the bottom row is my ‘favorites’ folder, which contains MP3 & OGG files; pictures from I don’t know where are shown there.

Right. The only difference between my Dolphin screenshot and @guiverc’s is that mine were of folders containing icons rather than album covers :rofl:

bit late to your ‘abandoned cause’ but do you mean setting the “show as” option within the preferences in the file manager?

I’ve used a number of them too (currently use Thunar) and that’s how I do it. It tends to vary with file manager - some of it is right click inside the folder pane - but normally it’s part of the prefs setting.