Task manager on Lubuntu 20.04

Hi to Everybody,

is it possible to have a more immediate way to see ram and cpu usage on the task manager in use on Lubuntu 20.04? I didn’t find the right setting for sure, but I only see a kind of old-fashion chart and to know the numeric values I have to put the pointer over the graph and wait in order to see the values.
On Lxtask the cpu and ram usage are immediately observable: something like this.

Thanks in advance.

Well, you can use Htop which shows you with the terminal the RAM used and the percentage of use of each core quite accurately, or you can do like me and install LXTask again.

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ksysguard would work, too, doesn’t require GTK and is a lot more polished. I think it might be a worthwhile addition to qps, if you want to make a feature request.


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