Task Manager bug?

Hi, I think there is something not working properly in the configuration of the Task Manager: the option ‘Show only windows from panel’s screen’ has not effect in my Lubuntu 19.10

Anything I can try or any other info needed to diagnose the cause?

Most of these observations are from my 20.04 box (I booted a x86 19.10 box and it looked the same, but it only had a single monitor so I couldn’t test much; I’m currently unwilling to reboot my testing x86_64 box thus my using 20.04 to test)

I have panels on each monitor (my primary monitor having multiple panels) so at first the effect of changing that setting was only seen on the panel on which I’d made the change (not my other panel that also shows Task.Manager detail on my other monitor).

When I changed the setting on each panel where I use Task.Manager, it worked as I suspect you want (ie. it only showed the windows that were fully on that actual monitor; Note: I moved windows in slightly from the edge to ensure this was the case in testing; I’ve noted what I suspect is 1 row of pixels overlap using the ‘snap’ feature of Monitor.Settings in LXQt which I believe still applies in 19.10).

Check you have made the change on each of your panels (assuming you have more than one like I did). If your experience still differs with mine, let me know & I’ll have to re-test on 19.10 when I can.

guiverc you were right. There was a row of literally one pixel in screen 2 belonging to screen 1. And that messed up the panels.
To correct this, I went to the monitor configurations and separated them a bit like this.

Now task manager does as expected :slight_smile:THANKS!!

BTW I still don’t understand the ‘Keep monitors attached’ option

Alas I don’t explore much beyond getting what I need for myself, so in this case I turn to the manual (@lynorian saves me so often!)

With multiple monitors you can in the Set position tab you can drag the different screen around drag the two monitors around. The checkbox for Keep monitor attached pulls the monitors pixels adjacent to each other. To see which screen is which you will be labeled by their name which commonly is which port it is connected to your computer with.


If you need more, I’ll have to explore the option…

Thanks. Yes it kind of works. I opened a different thread (https://discourse.lubuntu.me/t/keep-monitors-attached-expected-behavior/689) to explain why.

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