Sticker Availability in the Creator Spring Page

Hey everybody,

Who has the login for the Apparel page? It seems weird to me that you can’t buy a lubuntu sticker or t-shirt without having Lenny the penguin on the other side of it. It seems like it would make for better swag to have cleaner, simpler shirts and stickers with just the logo/header.

Anybody agree?

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I wrote a topic saying the same thing a while ago but I honestly don’t know how this stuff is managed or decided on. All I’ll say is it would be nice to have an alternative without the Lenny character. I’m not hating on it… I just don’t tend to dress with very flashy outfits.

Since I don’t expect an alternative design to happen, I will instead forward you to redbubble. If you buy from them, you won’t be supporting Lubuntu when you purchase but they at least have the design we’re after.

Good luck! :+1:

Thanks for the feedback. We do need to revisit our offerings and give them a bit of a refresh. Perhaps a little bit after the release we can work on that. We will try to give everyone an update here in the announcements section once we get things settled.

Thanks again.

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