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hi… Lubuntu noob here, considering jumping ship from using Mint xfce. I’m a little confused by two things.
The first is the announcement on DistroWatch “The Lubuntu team has announced the availability of Lubuntu 20.04” , yet here the headline opens with “Lubuntu 20.04 LTS release time is approaching fast”. Also there appears to be two websites for Lubuntu, the one at makes no mention of 20.04 at all.
The second puzzling thing is the session chooser on the 20.04 log-in screen which offers three choices. I had assumed by default i’d be booting into the LXQt desktop, after all that’s why i’m interested in Lubuntu. But this doesn’t seem to me to be the case.

So i guess my question is… what’s up with all that?!

Pours quarantine beer No3… cheers

(Edit) well this beer works wonders… an announcement about 20.04 appeared not two minutes after the first sip!

There are not two websites for Lubuntu. There’s which is our website and mentioned everywhere and then there’s which is not our website, has nothing to do with us, and provides misleading information. I would recommend to you the same thing I recommend to everyone else:

  1. Contact Canonical Ltd. who owns the Lubuntu trademark and tell them that this creates confusion and they really need to do something about it.
  2. Contact the owner of the website and tell them that their website confuses you and other users and ask them to take it down, hand over the domain to Canonical, or redirect to the actual website.

Thanks for the rapid reply. I have dropped Canonical an email regarding the situation re However I wont be contacting the the owner of the site as it’s clear they don’t regard Canonical or anyone else as likely to intervene.

I quite liked what I’ve seen of Lubuntu in the two hours I’ve spent with it this evening, it looks a promising Ubuntu spin so I will follow it’s progress. I’m specifically interested in LXQt so decided to go with the very polished Fedora spin for now. Good luck

That bit is my mistake sorry, so I apologize. I’ll arrange for it to be fixed asap, and thank you for reminding me of that issue (far more of a problem now 20.04 has been released).

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