Snap application error

I installed chromium web browser from discover software center some time ago that worked fine in my lubuntu 20.04. But the application is not opening either from the internet category of the menu button or from the terminal. In the terminal, it says that:

I searched for the discover software center where no snap was available. I downloaded chromium from the discover software center as a snap package.
But now, is it gone bag and baggage? And what is wrong the chromium web browser package?

I see a number of references to that (different snaps) on , and in a lot of cases it’s just issues with the store, which are usually resolved in time (sometimes brief, sometimes not so brief requiring someone to fix the problem at the store first). These were other snaps though.

Your exact issue has been reported before and exists on which maybe able to better help you (or use the community discourse site if you prefer there). I’ll look again if I can.

Instead of using the snap version, you can just install the regular version.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:saiarcot895/chromium-beta
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install chromium-browser

The beta and dev versions are also in there, should you want those. I’ve made it a point to not use snap apps and have so far been able to get anything I need by alternative means.

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And if you have any problems with the installed PPA or any security problems, because the PPA is not updated often, please don’t ask here for support.

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Thanks to all of you for kind attention and awesome reply. I find apps from discover very helpful as they most often work just fine. Although the update cycle is a bit slow except for snap and snap applications consume more resources so for me it is not ideal to use snap as default. Except that snaps may also be a good option.

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