Should I contact Lubuntu?

⋮ i spent my two months to learn it . I like lubuntu bs it is free and open source but I am thinking to quiet it bs i) keypad works off and one ii) libre office and keyboards mishave more frequency , i have to login and logout for keypad to work normally , before i quiet , i need to know are these issues managable , regards i have burn out after reinstalltion every think is Ok as time passes torubles start , perhps version i am using is not stable , may be it happens if i install many apps

You already have contacted Lubuntu.

Any issues are manageable if you have a little patience and a little help.

You had previously told us you resolved the issue with the touchpad, so maybe we should start there?

Yes boss ! Although , I do not want to quiet because it is really fast on my PC . I suits me in many ways , I have two issues i) keyboard works of and on . As per your advice i remove synaptics and reinstall libinput , i worked for few days and suddenly stopped working , may be my key pad or keyboard not original , I can leave with it ii) second issue i which is more annoying while typing specially , i notice strange , I press any button , it opens new window , even i can not type a single letter on libre , i have to login and logout , by doing so i have to open libre word agian and I lose all that , I have reinstalled libre office , i daily update my window , I love it and enjoy its grpahics , I can created a mirror and now restore it , I will really appraicate if you could help to resolve this isuue , I think , for new users have issues , i will be great if you could write terianl commads that we could share all diagnostics , so that you may better understand and help to resolve or perhaps take all control of my pc with nomachine , teams viewer etc , do you think i should install older version of lubuntu , may be with that i do not get such issues regards

An initial question… I imagine that English is not your first language. We offer support in many languages. Have you considered one of those subforums instead or do we not have coverage for your language?

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Hi there,

Although I do not want to quit using Lubuntu because it is really fast on my PC and suits me in many ways, I am facing two issues:

  1. Keyboard Issues: My keyboard works off and on. As per your advice, I removed Synaptics and reinstalled Libinput, which worked for a few days but then stopped working again. It may be possible that my keypad or keyboard is not original, or there is a hardware issue.
  2. LibreOffice Typing Issue: This issue is more annoying. While typing, I notice that pressing any button sometimes opens a new window. I cannot type a single letter in LibreOffice when this happens. I have to log out and log back in, which means I have to reopen LibreOffice and lose all my work. I have reinstalled LibreOffice and keep my system updated daily.

I love using Lubuntu and enjoy its graphics, speed, and user interface. I have created a mirror to restore my system, but I would appreciate your help in resolving this issue. It would be great if you could provide terminal commands to share all diagnostics so that you can better understand and help resolve the issue. Alternatively, you could take control of my PC using NoMachine or TeamViewer.

Do you think I should install an older version of Ubuntu to avoid these issues?


Firstly, it is always, at any time, a bad idea to offer someone the opportunity to enter your PC. Point. Don’t do it. Never!

Just backup your data to some USB stick, and reinstall Lubuntu.

It is a myth that the performance of any modern Linux system on recent (say less than 15 year old hardware) is significantly worse, or better, compared to other any other distributions. From time to time I run the Plasma desktop (as an alternative to LXQt) on a $ 200 laptop with almost no memory and a very low grade CPU, and I almost never notice a bad user experience performance compared to my well equipped desktop machine. It just works. Plasma is known for its high demands on the system.

A primary advantage of using any distro, including Lubuntu, or whatever decent distribution you choose, is that you do not have to worry about keyboard and mouse issues etc. That is all a thing of the past.

Most likely your problems arise of ‘fiddling’ with your system on your own. Sounds hard to say it that way, but I just guess that is what’s happening.

My primary advice…just reinstall Lubuntu, and don’t be too smart and do not fiddle around with software if you don’t have to, or unless you really know what you are doing and what the consequences might be.