Setting up different wallpapers for different workspaces at lubuntu

History (no need to read if not interested)

i had problem with mint xfce becouse it doesnt have options to arrange desktop files, so i searched for new distro. I dont have much ram or fast hdd, so i need middle or light desktop. While searching i saw a distro that feels good to use and lighter than xfce. idea was good but distro wasnt stable imo. it was from community so i could guess someguys tried to do somethings and did well but not stable. i saw they used openbox so i searched distros that use openbox but couldnt find any like that one. These events make me come to lubuntu. Things i like about lubuntu are being lite and stable while looking good enough. Thanks for your works guys ^^.

The problem:

At this distro you can swich between workspaces with mousewhell when mouse is on an empty place on panel with no need workspace widget(smilar that you swich workspaces with mousewhell when mouse is on desktop).

Also different workspaces has different wallpapers(!) and panels.

About panels workspace1 uses left half part of bottom panel and workspace2 uses right half part of bottom panel for their task manager widgets.

What i wish is not something new or not something that noone has but sure unique. I searched this at web but i dont have even %1 knowlage that this metter needs to be solved.

I am sure you guys can do this but i also would understand if u wont want to spend time for this couse this is a selfish wish. I would feel bad if you do this while not having fun and just for me.Still i would be happy if someone would help.

Have a nice day guys ^^.

Welcome Gezgin

None of this will be new to you, I provided it already via IRC.

I often use my mousewheel on the background to switch workspaces; by going to the edge of my displays it just works (but it could be my monitor setup which is rather uncommon; see Screenshot thread if interested - ; only two panels are visible in that photo; the panel that is always visible, plus one my mouse was hovering over, the other two or three panels are hidden until mouse is over them).

I also have many panels on my two displays (so I never have to move my mouse far on either display to reach a panel) and have the Desktop.Switcher [widget] on those panels.

In the past I did just have a panel that was the size of the Desktop.Switcher widget as my then setup

For details on use, I just followed the manual - . I’m on 20.04 or the development release, but my setup hasn’t altered much since switching to LXQt in the 18.10 cycle.

Thanks Guiverc, you already helped me a lot via IRC like 2 other guys who teached me a lot of things. Actually i feel shy about asking samethings at IRC to try my luck so i opened a topic here but you are so kind that you even try to help me here. I checked the page you send and readed it already.
One thing that i saw interesting is you use 4 browsers:). Let me suggest you vivaldi too which i mainly use. The biggest differance is web panel at left side that opens web pages like mobile browser. That web panel makes checking web pages faster. You can drag pages from tab menu to save them to web panel. Also just saying u can resize pages.
Have a nice day ^^.

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