Screen vs Desktop in Task Manager

Hi, I think there is a bug in the Task Manager.
I have 2 monitors. In the primary one I have my ‘home’ panel with date, hour, system notifications, etc. and another panel with only task manager. But then I want to add another panel with task manager to the 2nd monitor, and each task manager should show only the windows in each monitor (screen). So if I have a terminal and firefox in screen 1 and a game and file manager in screen 2, I want the task manager of screen 1 to show firefox and terminal while task manager in screen 2 shows game and file manager only. You get the point.

It is possible to do this in Lubuntu 19.10, but the configuration of the Task Manager seems to use the term ‘Desktop’ instead of ‘Screen’. So you have to select ‘Desktop 2’ to show the panel in Screen 2.

This is problematic because ‘Desktop 2’ is actually a thing (ie my 2nd ‘Desktop’ in the sense of ‘workspace’). So I think this wording of the configuration of Task Manager should be corrected.

Thanks a lot to developers for this wonderful system!

I’m using Lubuntu 19.10

I don’t believe it is a bug, but the intention. The task monitor shows what is on that ‘desktop’, and I also have two monitors and would not want it to show me only the ‘windows’ on the actual monitor itself; it’d require a lot more mouse movement to switch active windows than I currently use.

LXQt has virtual desktops, each ‘screen’ as you put is referred to as a monitor, the ‘desktop’ refers to the virtual desktop. Why it’s “Monitor Settings” in LXQt Preferences to adjust how your two monitors are positioned relative to one another.

Sorry I couldn’t find a list of definitions to confirm my wording on, but yeah it can be a little confusing when many DEs (ie. LXQt) has it’s own definitions. I also don’t have any answers to what you’d like to achieve currently.

In case you aren’t aware of the manual, I’ll include a reference

guiverc, thanks for your answer. You are right and my previous description is wrong. I checked again and I think I was confused by actually another problem (the option ‘show only windows from panel screen’ from configuration of Task Manager seems to be not working). I started a new thread with that (
Thanks again.

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