Rotate splash and log in screen?

I have been experimenting with numerous distos and this is my first with lubuntu. i had numerous problems with ubuntu and kali not having the ability to adjust the screen brightess, and very slow internet browsing on picture heavy websites with firefox. lubuntu has none of these problems!! but, the screen orientation is an issue.

im on an asus tablet with a detachable magnetic keyboard and touchpad, but when loading after boot splash the lububtu logo is rotated left 90 degrees. the log in screen as well. once logged in, “xrandr - o right” would fix the desktop once logged in, but would not save. when i changed it it in the preferences/settings, it would stick, but not for the log in screen or splash while boot. (asus splash is correct all the time).

google seems to always start with lightdm script changes, but i cant find antthing for lubuntus lxqt, only gnome.

appreciate any help! this seems to be the best choise for this hardware, everything is working so far otherwise and the internet firefox slowdown is not even a quarter as bad as w gnome for whatever reason.


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Please provide release details.

At the greeter (sddm) before login, LXQt hasn’t started so any settings changed in LXQt won’t have impact until after you’re logged in and LXQt is running.

sddm has it’s own config (the manual mentions it, though you’ll need to look up sddm wiki for details.

Note: you didn’t provide release details; so I’m using the latest stable release in manual URL links; ie. 21.04 currently, though it’ll be for 21.10 after it’s been released.

thank you for pointing me towards sddm.

i was able to find the answer and test it.

Open the file at “/usr/share/sddm/scripts/Xsetup” and add the xrandr rotation i was using as a line there and it will run after the splash and rotate the login screen.

now i just have to figure out how to do the same with the splash screen logo :slight_smile:


I know little to nothing about the plymouth screen. I played with changing some 5-6 years ago; but that’s too long ago for me to recall accurately now (besides the current releases do things slightly differently now so OEM logos can be seen on plymouth).

The easiest fix I’d imagine would be to use a plymouth screen that looks good on your setup (regardless of orientation on your display(s)); ie. apt install another one & use that instead (for your unstated release).

FYI: I know the you issue you speak of; I have boxes with portrait-tilted displays & thus see the issue; but I keep the boxes rather standard as it’s better for support (when little changed) and for for QA-test installs (meaning many fixes would get wiped within a week on next QA-install)

Hello and welcome to the forum.

Perhaps one more small remark,
Lubuntu belongs to the Ubuntu ‘family’.

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