Replacing W10 on a low spec netbook

I’m thinking of replacing W10 on a netbook, which can no longer cope with Windows, with lubuntu.
I read in the on line manual that you can select “erase disk” if you wanted to begin with only lubuntu on the hard drive, but I couldn’t see an alternative procedure.
Since it offered an “if” I’m assuming there’s an “else” so, can lubuntu install without erasing the contents of the hard drive, and does it install in a partition separate to Windows?

There is an “install alongside” option (to another partition), replace partition & manual partitioning option. You can download unetbootin for Windows, burn the iso image to a flash drive, and boot it to play with the Live desktop. You can also click the “install” icon on that desktop to see the options. It won’t touch your hard drive unless you answer “yes” to the final warning. It will be very clear that you shouldn’t go further.

I haven’t dual booted in a long time. But, my impression is that Windows doesn’t play nicely with Linux. It might be a struggle to get it working. Be sure to backup your data.

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