Removed bottom panel :)

When im try to remove some usless (for me) apps i accidentally removed package with bottom panel, like window manager, clock and whole menu :slight_smile:
How can i now install it again?
Pls help me :slight_smile:

You’ve not mentioned your release; but the LXQt panel is found in the package lxqt-panel.

If I removed packages and decided it was a mistake, I’d explore what I actually removed by looking in the apt package logs, ie. /var/log/apt/history.log as I’d expect to see rather quickly any mistakes I’d made, and what I needed to do in order to reverse the mistake.

FYI: I can’t see how you’d remove the lxqt-panel in error, thus wonder if you’ve done something else & thus the missing panel is only a symptom, but yes it would make the system more difficult to operate, the main menu, clock etc gone too. But looking in those package logs allows, in my opinion, the best solution as to reversing your mistake; ie. check what you actually removed first.

Yea, i remove them :frowning:
I just install it, thanks for help
And i know, i can use Linux without that panel, but its not for me that OS :slight_smile:

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