REMOVE GUI/LXQT from Lubuntu 20.04


could you give me command which will remove GUI from Lubuntu 20.04 on my PC?, its some kind of small server and I do not need GUI and I want to login to shell directly

I tried
“sudo apt purge --remove lxqt*; sudo apt autoremove -y” but it doesnt work

thanks in advance

My answer is only partial as it doesn’t cover actually removing LXQt…

The solution can be changing the default run level/target on Lubuntu. This “target” is just some nonobvious term used to described what the person can use to control how they want their system to boot. In your case, this includes multi-user mode… which is without the GUI and graphical multi-user… which does have GUI.

You can use the commands below to change this on your system:

#Note: I believe the first command actually tucks away the GUI while you’re in there. The second set of commands are what make it permanent.

Now, to just change the “runlevels” in 16.04, you can use for eg:

sudo systemctl isolate

To make this the default “runlevel”, you can use:

sudo systemctl enable
sudo systemctl set-default



Better solution: don’t use Lubuntu at all.

Even if you do remove the desktop environment, you will still have a whole boat load of other GUI-based applications, not to mention the whole X server. Subtracting Lubuntu down to its core is going to take a lot of work.

Instead, start with the core by installing Ubuntu Server or using the mini.iso and install only what you need.



Thanks for help, on this machine I do have only 1GB of ram, this is why I used Lubuntu :slight_smile:

Ubuntu server will use more ram right?

Not at all. It should use significantly less since most of the RAM is consumed by GUI-related software.


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