Remove a windows7 partition

I’m running Lubuntu 18.04.5 and when it was installed (not by me) it was installed on a windows laptop Win7. How do I remove the partition and make the laptop just Lubuntu? Its on a Toshiba c660

Very simply, I would

  • check your boot process is owned by your Lubuntu system (ie. grub appears and offers you the choices of Lubuntu and windows)
  • you can now just boot Lubuntu, and delete the windows partition using gparted or equivalent, and use it however you wish.

I’ll also provide system installation - How do I remove Windows but keep Ubuntu? - Ask Ubuntu where the most-upvoted answer is closest to what I’m suggesting (they do it all from live media which I might do too, but I’d make that decision on how I’m going to use the space, which you didn’t mention).

I’ve also assumed it’s MBR/legacy/BIOS booting and not uEFI.

To expand the partition (ie. let Lubuntu use the space previously used by windows), I would use live media (eg. Lubuntu install media and using the “Start Lubuntu” option) to do that (so the Lubuntu partition isn’t being used). There is a risk here that procedure may require grub to be re-installed for it to boot (ie. you risk being stuck at ‘grub rescue’ on next boot) but I fix that only if that occurs; again using live media).

There are other options to, eg. if you don’t have a separate home partition, you could use the windows space to make it your new ‘/home’, or many other options (limited mostly by your imagination), though the sizes of partitions will likely strongly influence the best decision for you Again I’d likely use live media too for these options to setup what I want, then test it by booting normally, so doing it all from live does make sense (why the askubuntu question does it that way).


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