Raspberry pi 4 - Way not Released Ubuntu 20 LTS for Rpi 4

It’s very bad
Way not Released Ubuntu 20 LTS for Raspberry pi 4

Maybe this community is not update with current IOT Technology

Both Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, and Ubuntu Core 20 have been released for the Raspberry pi 4.

I’ll refer you to https://ubuntu.com/blog/ubuntu-20-04-lts-is-certified-for-the-raspberry-pi

and a tutorial for Ubuntu Core 20

or Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

or if you want to straight download it

There are a number of videos on adding desktops; I recall watching Martin Wimpress (of Ubuntu-MATE, plus Ubuntu Desktop lead) create & improve desktopify which adds desktops on to the Ubuntu Server image.

This community is Lubuntu though, and whilst in the same family as Ubuntu, it’s about the LXQt (historically LXDE) desktop on the same Ubuntu base as main Ubuntu.


your are wrong url send me, please check and correct this, fetch some 404 error in this link

please perfect solution for Lubuntu focal fossa in Rpi4, because i love lubuntu focal fossa

please sir if possible so make one tuts videos my humble request

One more user that’s stumbled onto lubuntu.net. Sigh.

The correct Lubuntu download site is lubuntu.me

If I posted a invalid (404) URL, which one?

I check all URLs before I post them, and at no time intentionally make errors, but none of us are perfect. (and sites do change over time)

All URLs I click on open.

@anon673819 has alluded that you maybe trying to use a non-Ubuntu/non-Lubuntu site, if this is so, I’d suggest using official sites only. If unsure, don’t ask google unless you can evaluate which sites are legit, and which are fan/fake, go to ubuntu.com for all official Ubuntu sites

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