Question about Lubuntu manual

What are the plans for the Lubuntu manual? Will it be included in the OS release at some future date?
Will there be a printable edition i.e. pdf file ?

I have been looking at the manual and it looks real good to me and think it would be great to include it some future release.

There is a task ( to generate a PDF for our manual; I’m not sure if you knew this already, but I know nothing more sorry.

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Thanks Chris… :grinning:

In addition to T109 that @guiverc mentioned we also have T138 which is to add a video component. Obviously we probably won’t add that to the iso and it would probably never be as thorough as the current manual. The idea there would be more of a supplement.


And by the way both projects could use contributions ahem


I am interested in creating the pdf file. Big question is finding the time…might not be able until later this spring - but will look into it .


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