Provide links to theme development resources

I’d like to try porting the Lubuntu v18 LXDE theme to v20 LXQt. Could someone please point me to resources on how to get started; that is on how to contribute to the Lubuntu project and the current theming standards? I’m new to Ubuntu/Lubuntu development and unfortunately my search engine is just linking me to deprecated sites.

The LXQt theming guide should offer what you’re looking for.

We don’t exactly have resources on how to start contributing code but basically we take pull requests on our Phabricator. The packaging section of the wiki there should give some insight but may be a bit advanced for more of a drive by commit. I should add to that and will.

Meanwhile, I would suggest making a theme and get it under source control (GitHub, GitLab, Launchpad which is kind of the Ubuntu default, etc.) and share a link with screenshots here. If it looks good, we can either walk you through the process or do it for you.