Problems with Full Upgrade of 20.04 that was loaded as 20.04 not upgraded from another version

Trying to upgrade 20.04 that I installed as a new system on an old computer in Sept, 2020. I use the upgrade prompt when booting up lubuntu and consistently get something like the following: “Full Upgrade Upgrade finished With some Errors.” I have tried using some of the suggestions posted but none seem to work. It looks like I get 31 of 115 upgrades and then the rest can’t be fetched?

I would open a terminal and try from there (CtrlAltT)

I’d firstly update your software lists

sudo apt update

to ensure they’re up to date. Most likely they are, but I’d scan the output ensuring no errors/warnings are present given you’ve had an issue. Then I’d next perform the actual upgrade

sudo apt full-upgrade

The reason I like the terminal, is the messages are present on the terminal, instead of being hidden away in logs (they’re in logs too) and it allows easier pasting into sites like this for us to view & look for issues.

Do you get any warnings? errors?

At a minimum paste those lines (though it’s likely the lines before the warning will be helpful, if only to orient the reader in understanding what was being performed when the error/warning was finally shown). Also note: errors can occur early in the listing, then a summary/reminder is printed later (so you’ll look up) and the summary lines aren’t helpful except as the reminder to scan earlier for the actual error message (ie. better to supply more than required if unsure)

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