Printer Issue with 20.04

Brother Laser Printer is identified in the system

Print jobs are either processing or pending

“Print error” - “There was a problem sending document…to the printer. Queue not enabled”

also have the following diagnosis
Page 1 (<troubleshoot.SchedulerNotRunning.SchedulerNotRunning object at
{‘cups_connection_failure’: False}
Page 2 (<troubleshoot.ChoosePrinter.ChoosePrinter object at
{‘cups_dests_available’: [(‘DCP_L2550DW_series’, None)],
‘cups_queue_listed’: False}
Page 3 (<troubleshoot.LocalOrRemote.LocalOrRemote object at
{‘printer_is_remote’: False}
Page 4 (<troubleshoot.DeviceListed.DeviceListed object at
{‘cups_device_listed’: False, ‘cups_devices_available’: {}}
Page 5 (<troubleshoot.Locale.Locale object at 0x7ff7300a13d0>):
{‘printer_page_size’: None,
‘system_locale_lang’: ‘en_US’,
‘user_locale_ctype’: ‘en_US’,
‘user_locale_messages’: ‘en_US’}

In Printer Print Status Accepting Jobs is checked. Also checked
“Enabled” but the check does not hold but un-checks

Was working initially. Any assistance would be appreciated. Linux newbis

thank you

If you go to cups what do you see:


Following up to a response:

Assume this is the information requested:

Second listed is as to a setting for the printer generated by the system.

Thank you

DCP_L2550DW_series Brother DCP-L2550DW series,
driverless, cups-filters 1.27.4 Paused - “No destination host name
supplied by cups-browsed for printer “DCP_L2550DW_series”, is cups-
browsed running?”
DCP_L2550DW_series@localhost Brother DCP-L2550DW
series, driverless, cups-filters 1.27.4 Idle - “No suitable destination
host found by cups-browsed.”

I have different Brothers laser printer. When I plug mine in, its identified and I can print right away.

Have you checked with Brother web page for “deb”?script

Hi, it could be the “driverless” bit that is causing the problem. I got the family printer installed on my system yesterday and at first the driver information on the test page print was wrong, even though I had installed the deb file from the manufacturers website. It said driverless.

I had another look at the printer set up utility, menu-preferences-printers-(click on “Add”), and found that there were 3 printers listed of all the same model, and I had selected the wrong one first time round!

It might be worth checking to see if the same thing has happened on your system. Make a note of the driver name, if you can get one from the Brother website, and click on each printer option till you find the one that looks right.

Hope this helps. :smiley: :wave:

Using cups the printer is now identified. But pages are printing in blank in multiple sheets

Usually means wrong PPD file.

getting the following messages -

‘cups waiting-for-job completed’



Thanks for you time on this

Obtained the printer driver from the Brother web site and followed the instructions to install.
Installation was not successful. Downloaded file “not found” in the terminal, even though it is there

Was it a .deb file? If so, right-click on it and select Open With, and select QApt Package Installer. You’ll need to enter your password. This worked fine for me, but my printer is a Canon, perhaps there is an issue with Brother ones?

If the above is your printer, try following this link. I know its for Ubuntu, but the script should still be the same:

Thank you. I was not able to successfully employ the brother “installer” but was able to install Brother driver file, with success. The driver that was picked up by the system is for a model close to the one I am using but that will suffice. Thanks all

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Actually, I opened the driver file with QApt Package Installer and then used the installation script in the article referenced above. Otherwise, Lubuntu is very useable and this was, thus far, the only hiccup. Thanks again

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