Print to PDF File - Is Fix Likely for 20.04.2 LTS

I have tried to understand the various suggested fixes for Print to PDF File, but it is beyond me.
I am just a user that needs it to work.

Is this likely to be fixed for 20.04 LTS ?
Will upgrading to 21.04 provide the feature ?

Keep well,

The short answer is no, the fix is not likely to land in 20.04.
The longer answer is the fix actually is in newer versions of Libre Office which are in 20.10 or 21.04 so you won’t see the issue there. With 20.04 you have 2 options really.
The first is to follow one of the many workarounds posted here in this forum. You are correct in that none of them are for folks that don’t know their way around a little. The nice thing about going this route is that the system stays fairly standard and subsequent upgrades to a new release should be smooth.
The second is to remove the current Libre Office package and install it using another method. There is a PPA, snap and a flatpak. All of those methods will be the newer version or contain all the dependencies/libraries needed. One thing to note about adding a PPA is when you do a release upgrade they get disabled. You have to manually re-enable them. Some folks have philosophical (and perhaps technical) opposition to snaps and flatpaks so I won’t get into that, just note that it is an option.
If you are comfortable using an interim release (21.04) that would be my personal recommendation. I think the new features included address many little issues and it provides a better experience.


Thanks kc2bez.
I lived with Lu 17.10 before upgrading to Lu 18.04.1.
The experience was interesting, and not that difficult.
I can do it again with Lu 21.nnn.


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