Power managment crashes

I installed lubuntu 22.04 couple a days ago.


I get this error a lot. Any suggestions?

I also get this notification:

lxqt-powermanagment - Power Manager Error (D-BUS call)
There is already a shutdown or sleep operation in progress.

Your screenshot isn’t coming up for me but it might just be me.

When you get the notification, does the system do anything? Does it randomly shut down or reboot without you causing that or is it just the notification throwing that message at you every now and then?

It does not shut down or reboot. The only thing that happens is that icon that shows the battery info on my panel disappears. After that, I don’t know how much battery I have left.

If the screenshot isn’t coming up for you, it says:
Crash Report - Power Managment crashed too many times. Its autorestart has been disabled until next login.

having exact same issue

thanks my issue has been fixed.

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