piix4 smbus SMBus base address uninitialized upgrade BIOS or use force_addr=0xaddr error

I am getting the following error when installing lubuntu 22.04 with Hyper-V
How to deal with it?

piix4 smbus SMBus base address uninitialized upgrade BIOS or use force_addr=0xaddr

Can you please share what settings you set for the VM via Hyper-V? Is it gen1 or gen2? Is secure boot enabled by chance?

Can you also share at what point the error is showing up? Is it when you’re still in the live system, during the install (what stage), or after the install has finished?

From what I’ve been able to look into it, I keep seeing different answers for this and the problem occurring on different distros alongside different hypervisors (not just Hyper-V).

It might help to have some logs for us to look through to better identify.

My hunch right now is that it might be an issue with a kernel module… just not sure why that’s preventing booting.

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It is gen1.

The error occurred during install.

Check this out:

It turned out the problem here was that the VM was a Gen 1 VM, and 22.04 needs a Gen 2 VM (or at least, I could not get it to work as a Gen 1 VM).

Upgrading an existing VM from a Gen 1 to a Gen 2 isn’t possible. What you can do, however, is delete the existing VM (make sure you don’t delete it’s vhd files), and then create a new Gen 2 VM and [attach] the old vhd files to it. This should “upgrade” the system to a Gen 2; though apparently it is a 1 way process.

I also noted, through research, that you should disable Secure Boot on the VM; I had this off any way, but if you do have it enabled and are having difficulty, then I would suggest trying to disable it.


Corrected according to your instructions, the problem is solved, thank you for your help.


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