PCManFM-Qt not close unmounted window

Is there a setting to NOT close the window when I’m on a mounted directory and I unmount it?
PCManFM-Qt v-1.1.0

You mean you want to see the content of a folder of a mounted device, then unmount the device and expect that PCManFM-Qt stays open?

If you are unmounting the device with PCManFM-Qt it makes sense, that PCManFM-Qt is closing the window. On one hand you can only unmount devices, that are currently not used. And on the other hand you will need to handle all the errors if you try to open a “non-existing” folder or try to save a document or, or, or.

You can make screenshots of the opened window.

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Under PcManFm-Qt preferences in the Volume section you can select “Change folder in the tab to home folder” when removable medium is unmounted.


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