Pcmanfm-qt 36x36 and 48x48 icons are incorrect under breeze-dark theme

I’m using the breeze-dark theme. When I choose the icon size as 36x36 or 48x48 in either pcmanfm-qt preferences or desktop preferences, I see the high contrast icons instead of the regular icons. But when I set them to 32x32 or 64x64, I see the normal ones.

I forgot to mention that this is happening on Groovy, It didn’t happen on Focal.

Screenshots, please? Please include your configuration in there and annotate anything that’s not clear.

OK. I’ve tried with Breeze (Light) this time. The appearance settings are as follows: Qt style, gtk2 theme, gtk3 theme, icons theme all set to “breeze”. LXQt theme set to “light”.
In the first screenshot, desktop icon size is set to 48x48 and also pcmanfm-qt size of big icons is set to 48x48.

The icons are not the Breeze icons. The same happens for 36x36.
In the second screenshot both sizes are set to 64x64 and the icons are correct.

The icons for 32x32 are also correct.

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I care about this much >< about looks, personally. I mean, I care a bit, but not that much. Not to say that’s not an important thing, but just pointing out I’m a little in the dark here (see what I did there?) so excuse me if I seem to be asking silly questions.

That preamble aside, we don’t ship Breeze anything but a widget style. How did you install all the other bits?

Other bits? I’ve installed breeze-icon-theme, breeze-cursor-theme and gtk3-engines-breeze using apt, without adding any external repositories. I also have kvantum installed through the regular repositories but I don’t think it plays a role here.

I’ve reported this also to Ubuntu a while ago thinking it might be their problem but didn’t hear anything back. The reason I’ve reported here is that I suspected it was related to pcmanfm-qt.

You might want to remove Kvantum just to be sure. Also you may want to check the actual size of the icons (they should be in /usr/share/icons) and see if there are any problems there. If there are, it may be Breeze that needs complaining to. Barring that, let me know and I’ll see if I can start digging through this.

Where did you report this to Ubuntu BTW?

I checked the icons under, for instance, /usr/share/icons/breeze/places/48. There are svg icons there and they are correct.

I don’t really remember where I reported the issue to Ubuntu. I remember having to create some new users (phabricator? launchpad? ubuntu one? not really sure). And running some utility (apport?).

I can simply use one of the correctly working sizes or some other icon set. And if noone else has this problem it’s probably not worth dwelling over. Thanks anyway, I appreciate it.

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Something seems screwy to me here. Unless I’m missing something, it seems to me that places isn’t a freedesktop-compatible context, so that’s one thing. It’s also certainly not the right place to look for the icon matching PNGs or SVGs as you are trying to do in your examples. For that, you would look under mimetypes. And you will find there’s no 48 icon set at all there.

Either way, it seems to me the error here lies solely on Breeze and has nothing to do with either Lubuntu or LXQt. You can report this bug with ubuntu-bug breeze-icon-theme.

Found my report:

I’ve checked the breeze-icon-theme package from focal where this issue wasn’t happening. And installing that package under groovy didn’t solve it. I also couldn’t see any difference between the packages from focal and groovy that would cause this (I could have overlooked something for sure). I guess that’s why I thought this was a pcmanfm-qt problem.

Either way, I agree that it’s not a Lubuntu or LXQt problem. Sorry for any inconvenience.


I’ve confirmed the bug and filed it against the right package, so that should help move it along.


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