Participation of the drive or rather mainboard

hello all,

as I am a new user of Linux or rather Linux Lubuntu I have a initially some application isuues. Just wanted to participate my mainboard to get some free space on the mainboad and have not a clue which steps I have to do to participate the mainboard. I tried it over the option changig the seize of the mainboard but receive then always the error report Error unmountig/dev/sda1: target is busy (udisks-error-quark, 14). After that I added the software gparted but also here the option changig the seize of the mainboard did not reach me to the goal participating the mainboard.
Which steps do I have to take precisely to participate my mainboard? Thanks in advance and many regards

It sounds like you want to resize existing partitions on the drive (sda)? I believe the installer will do that for you if you choose the “install Lubuntu alongside…” Otherwise, if you boot the Lubuntu live USB (or startup disk, whatever you have to install Lubuntu), you should be able to use KDE Partition Manager from (menu->System) to resize. (It’s like gparted, but doesn’t need all the gnome libraries. KDE and Lubuntu use Qt libraries. So, KDE Partition Manager doesn’t need as much extra stuff installed with it.).

I don’t think you can move/resize a partition that you booted from. You have to boot from the startup/install media. If it mounts the harddisk partition, you can unmount it. It won’t matter because you’re not booted from it. The system won’t need that partition.

EDIT: Be sure to have a backup of your data. Sometimes these things go wrong.

If I misunderstood something, I apologize.

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