Parental Controls, Running as Root, Installing a timer for other users

I want to install parental controls on LUBUNTU systems. Primarily I want time controls, such as available through Timekpr. I’m having to jump through one hoop after another, with the primary problem being I have to run as a root user and I have to edit the applications folder. Then there is the inconvenience, if I could do that, of gksudo… I haven’t used Ubuntu in a while and I think there is some God-like thing that replaced it. So… am I having the right experience. Does “light” mean I can’t install a parental control application? Is there another one for LUbuntu? And what about running as root?

gksudo has been removed, but it was never a useful tool.

If you have to edit a text file, simply use:

VISUAL=featherpad sudoedit /path/to/file
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