Panel in wrong position (center screen) after boot

I moved my panel from the bottom to the top of the screen and changed its width from the original 100%.
Now, when I boot the computer and sign in, the panel is in the center of the desktop. I have to open panel configuration, move the panel to the bottom, then move it up to the top to get it where I want it. But if I reboot, it goes back to the center of the screen. This has happened on multiple boots, and it is never where I put it, in the top left of the desktop, after reboot.
Here is a screen capture of my desktop after boot and sign in:

This is a real thing!! I have booted multiple times now, and this is the screen I get after every time I start or re-start the computer!

What gives??

Can someone respond? Even if it’s just to say, “wow, I’ve got no idea, but that sucks!”

Never seen that before.
Can you tell me setting what you changed the width to? What version of Lubuntu are running?
Like to see if it can be re-created.

Same here, never seen that before, but you have an obviously extremely customized install. Anywhere along the lines of that customization, you could have done something that produced unexpected results.

My installation is not customized at all other than installing Broadcom firmware and trying to make the panel in the upper left corner of the desktop. I put the standard 20.04 iso on a USB stick and installed it standard-wise on my laptop using the erase disk method. The first thing I did was install b43 firmware packages for Wi-Fi via ZIP on USB using the standard prescribed method. Then I took away the desktop image (hence, blue background) and fiddled with the panel settings. I also installed fcitx-mozc package to try to get Japanese language ability. That’s all.

By the way, this “center panel” issue happened when I started again this morning. So far, it has happened on every re-start since I posted the original post here…

I am running Lubuntu 20.04 on a Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop (circa 2009…?..). Previously, this laptop was running Lubuntu 17.10, which never gave me any problems except that I couldn’t get Japanese keyboard to work with fcitx, but I assume that is my fault.

When I started the computer this morning (I live in Japan, so it’s morning now), the panel was set to 75% width, Top of Desktop position, and Left alignment.

(Although maybe I set it to 75% width last night when I was fiddling with the panel settings, I honestly don’t think I set it to 75% width. I re-set it to 35% width this morning, which is what I prefer and how I think I set it yesterday.)

By the way, in Lubuntu 17.10, I also had the panel set to the top and left of the desktop with a short length. However, it worked very well, and I never had this “centering on start-up” issue before.

You know, I was just thinking: although my installation is not really customized beyond the Broadcom firmware, because I live in Japan, the Lubuntu 20.04 installer set my time zone and, hence, date and time settings to Japanese. This does affect the panel somehow (I don’t know how) because the date and time are part of the panel and when date and time are set to Japanese, the panel date and time are Japanese (doesn’t show on my panel, but the panel will display kanji characters if the date/time display is modified…).

How can it end up in the middle of the screen when that’s not even an option?

(I mean, it’s not an option, right? You can’t choose a margin between the edge of the screen and the panel, can you?)

Have you tried changing the time settings from Japanese to say Australian Central time to see if it makes a difference? I doubt it but worth a try. :upside_down_face:

Have you tried changing the time settings from Japanese to say Australian Central time

Yes, I tried that, but it made the panel appear upside down… :rofl:

Seriously, right now, since it only happens when I first log in, it’s just annoying. It’s strange, and I thought maybe something that could be addressed by developers for an update at a later point. I am not a power user, and everything I do on a PC requires me to research it first, even changing the time zone. I don’t want to take the time to do it right now if it seems unlikely to be causing the problem.

@wxl @leok FYI, I changed panel width back to 100%, and haven’t any more instances of “centered on start-up”.

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