Panel doesnt stay on top of all applications

I have the “autohide” option set off (ie I want the panel visible all the time), and it seems to work for most cases. But not all. For example Libreoffice appears below the panel, making it difficult to easily close, minimize, etc. its windows.
By the way (in case it has something to do with the cause?): I use Libreoffice as an appimage application, not installed in the ‘classical’ way through apt.

I’m using Lubuntu 19.10

Welcome iggy

I saw you post this on ask ubuntu too (, but I have limited experience with appimages.

Appimages don’t use your own icons (have their own icon set they use packaged with in the appimage itself), and I suspect it’s similar with knowledge of the panel (they don’t know of, nor respect what you have selected). I noted on github there was no desire to change the icons issue, and whilst I couldn’t find anything on panels - I suspect it’s the same.

I would personally use the default deb packaged version (, or the snap version

guiverc@d960-ubu2:~$   snap search libreoffice
Name          Version  Publisher   Notes  Summary
libreoffice  canonical✓  -      LibreOffice is a powerful office suite including word processing and creation of spreadsheets, slideshows and databases
projectlibre  1.9.1    jibel       -      Project Management software - alternative to Microsoft Project

Maybe another user with more experience (with AppImages) can provide the answers you seek, sorry I can only offer alternatives.

Thanks. I installed via snap and it works fine now. It’s a pitty because for different reasons, appimage is much more convenient for me. On top of that the PPA and the snap versions of Libreoffice don’t let me work well with dictionaries, but that’s another (libreoffice-related) issue I guess.

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