Open windows don't show up on the panel

Open windows don’t show up on the panel, see the picture attached, how can I make sure that they do show up on the panel?

You haven’t mentioned release; so I’ll provide a link to the Lubuntu 24.04 LTS manual

You can control what the panel shows, and I suspect you’re asking for what is provided by adding the Task Manager widget to the panel. Refer to the Configuring part of the provided manual page link; with the widgets being the third tab.

You’ll also note there is a GEAR logo on Task Manager widget, which allows you to gain extra control in what you see (eg. show only windows on current virtual desktop, limit to subsets, or window grouping).


The very last point guiverc mentions can be crucial for this phenomenon. So I try to emphasize it a bit more by giving a short step-by-step instruction.

Right click on the panel → configure panel → widgets → task manager.
Now you can click on the lowest symbol at the right to configure the task manager settings.
Look there to the ‘General’ section and make sure nothing is selected you don’t want.

In case ‘Show only minimized windows’ is selected, open windows will not be shown on the taskbar/panel. Unchecking would solve this issue.


I did this and the windows showed up on the panel but the whole panel got messed up, everything moved to the left. Fortunately I just installed Lubuntu, so I just reinstalled it and everything works fine right now. I am not touching the widget settings ever again lol.


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