Open Editor BlueJ didn't open

I tried installing bluej on Lubuntu 20.04.1 it was successful but when I wanted to create a new project the code editor didn’t open. Double click or right and open it’s same not working

Please describe step by step, how you installed BlueJ and how you start BlueJ.

I have installed the .deb from the BlueJ homepage and could reproduce the problem with the editor. It looks like this bug is causing the problem because of some missing library in openjfx.

I then removed bluej

sudo apt purge bluej

and installed the snap application, which is working fine so far:

sudo snap install bluej

Either use the snap application or wait some days/weeks until the fix is published for 20.04.

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Big thanks for ur replying dude, its really working.

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I’ve been installing manual not in the terminal.

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