Off crypth your lubuntu disk

i crypth the all disk -when i innstalled lubuntu 18.04. Is it possebely to remow the cryptho of the disk. And how i do it. I was thinking it was smart to cryptho the disk but then i think- it was not so smart. It is only one person who use it - and you can get some problem with it if you have to recover something.

So if somebody know how i can take off the cryptho of the disk - i say thanks.

I am no expert in encryption (ie. feel free to wait for other responses), however the only method I know of is to copy your data off, reformat your partitions and restore/copy the data back to your newly formatted and non-encrypted partitions.

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i used do this the easy way. I had no on my disk - so i used tok and installed lubuntu new again- said to installing prosess - delet all and install new.

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