Newbie install Lubuntu 20.10 -attempting to decrypt master key

Totally newbie trying to install Lubuntu 20.10

Installed dual beside the old win 7 to use old HP instead for Lubuntu


Choose the biggest 300 GB partition for Lubuntu

After install and restart getting this message:

Attempting to decrypt master key…

Enter passphrase for hd0, msdos2 (numbers and letters)

Not possible to write anything???

Tried using the USB with iso to get into PC again

Seing devices 302 GB Enrypted:

System/ MOUNT 302 GB Encrypted

Identifier: /dev/sda2

UUID: numbers and letters thoug now divided 3 times with –

Not able to use my passphrase that I chose during install process

Am I totally lost?? – Any suggestions to decrypt – or only possible to change to a new SSD???

On that screen, and in the terminal, when you type your password nothing will appear on the screen. You’re actually typing your password, it’s just not showing up on the screen. This is done for security reasons (to avoid revealing information when someone is ‘shoulder surfing’).

So, go ahead and type your password at that screen and then press the enter button on your keyboard.


Error: access denied.
Error: no such cryptodisk found
Error: disk ‘cryptouuid/ numbers and characters’ not found.
Entering Rescue mode…
Now grub rescue>
So purhaps change of SSD ?? :slight_smile:


I don’t know your issue, but I wonder if you’re using

  • english, and a
  • qwerty keyboard?

ie. maybe your issue relates to 20.04 encryption startup passphrase entry issue or its bug which has been filed upstream issue with calamares (the installer).


@KGIII @guiverc
Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.
You just solved my situation perfectly - total success!!!
Interactive Comparator of Different National Layouts on a Computer Keyboard. - Danish during installation versus US keyboard.
Read the articles and yes it would be nice to have been warned or at least get some info up front on this, especially for a newbie.
You just saved my 320 GB partition. Really appreciating your help.
Kind regards from Pytt


@leok (or anyone actually who has non-qwerty keyboard & can use non-english)

If you can, maybe you should try a QA-test install looking for this with hirsute, and if it’s still a problem (which I’d expect given the upstream bug report is still open), maybe we should include it in the hirsute (21.04) release notes (too late for groovy or prior focal notes now…)

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LUKS allows up to 8 different passphrases. For convenience, you can add the “wrong” passphrase, so that you don’t have to worry about the current keyboard layout in use.


I can only answer for me, but I don’t mind at all

FYI: I opened this thread again as I thought your idea was a good one… and decided (maybe wrongly) to use this thread in a request to test & maybe add a warning (known issue) in the coming 21.04/hirsute release notes… but I opened it :expressionless:


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Tested Lubuntu Hirsute 21.04 and can confirm this is stiill the case - see bug report for further info. The comments in the bug report provide some interesting info.


Thanks @leok

If you feel you can, can I ask you to write up a listing in Known Bugs/Issues in the draft release notes. I’ll do it, but I fear I won’t find time next 24-30 hours; and release is so very close.

(I’m hoping it’ll be quicker & better from you, having experienced the issue, rather than me reading your & other reports. As for what is normal and what to write, I suggest you look at the focal release notes as example. We’ll review & adjust it. With much thanks).

@kc2bez just FYI.

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Just an FYI. @leok has added a warning in the Known Issues section of the Lubuntu 21.04 (hirsute hippo) release notes, which will be included also in 20.04.3 (if it’s still an issue when that releases), so your comment achieved a result - thank you @PS_dk and @leok

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