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I am a BRAND NEW Lubuntu user. I am a retired IT manager and always used DOD then Windows. I had tried Ubuntu 18.04 but I wanted to try Lubuntu for smaller footprint.

How do I add a new Administrator user?
How do I add a user that can only use FTP?
A normal desktop user?

I found User and group settings application.

No problem adding a user but the new user is not part of any group. There are a LARGE number of groups, which ones does a user need?

I see a group called adm is that Administrator?
There is even a group for the ID of my original account ID. Is that an Administrator group?

HELP :-((

Create a new user and add them to the sudo group.

First, don’t use FTP, but use SFTP as FTP (like telnet) is insecure and should be avoided.

Second, this is complicated. You need to add a group, set SFTP parameters accordingly, and add your new user to the group you created. More info can be found here.

You just add a new user.

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