New install (new hardware), wifi disconnects

I have a relatively bleeding-edge laptop[1]. I was able to boot Lubuntu 19.10 “Live”. But, the wifi seems to connect/disconnect. (After 10 seconds, I get a notification in the upper-right corner of the screen: “connection lost.”).

I was able to proceed with install. But, that error remains.

I was going to gather “inxi -Fxzrs” but Lubuntu doesn’t seem to have that. (And, I have no internet to install that package.). If there’s another command I can use, I’d be happy to do that. I imagine the problem is related to chipset. When I had a different distro installed, inxi -F said:

“Device-2: Intel Wireless 7265 driver: iwlwifi”


[1] Acer 5 (A515-43-R19L), Ryzen 3 3200u, Radeon Vega 3; 128g SSD; 4g mem.

Seems like a great bargain. “Amazon Choice.” Expandable to 32gb mem (2x 16gb). Space for a SATA-3 drive. I plan to install linux (root, “/”) on the SSD, and /home on a SATA-3.

I always find it’s helpful to have the PCI ID among other things. Try lspci -nnk | grep -A 3 Network.

Incidentially I’m currently running a 7265 (8086:095a) with iwlwifi and it’s behaving just fine.

Have you looked at the logs?

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Thank you! It’s working now! Just to confirm again: Lubuntu 19.10 installs no problem on an Acer Aspire 5 (model: A515-43-R19L; CPU: Ryzen 3; graphics: Radeon Vega 3). Seems like a fantastic value, big seller on Amazon, and wouldn’t surprise me if people are googling it. I found a couple success reports (Mint & Archlinux) before I bought it. I’m, just trying to get into the search results in case anyone wonders if Lubuntu works. (I had to change 3 things in the BIOS. I described that in another post.).

The wifi problem: Lubuntu saved my wifi connection without the password.

I woke up in the middle of the night wondering if that happened. I’ve never seen a distro save a wifi connection that refused to connect. (I thought they remained in a loop prompting for the correct password.). But, I woke up last night thinking I should delete that saved connection. I do remember struggling not to touch the touchpad while I typed the wifi password. (I never thought about that again when it saved the connection, and just clicking on it caused it to attempt reconnect. I thought it was connecting and disconnecting. Apparently I was clumsy when creating that connection. Strange that it happened twice: during LiveCD before install, and after install.).

I saved your suggested info-command in case I have trouble in the future.

I’ll go back and edit my other post where I mentioned I had a wifi problem.

I’m going to reinstall Lubuntu 19.10; to start fresh and follow the same steps I do when comparing mem usage. I’ll come back and post the results of that after I install a few distros.

One odd thing when dealing with my bad-password. I first right-clicked on the network connection in the tray to edit the saved connection. The editing window was a curses(?) text-based display. That didn’t seem to work right. As I tabbed down to “[ ] show password,” the place to “x” that wasn’t editable. I was placed into a text-entry field that was on top of the “w” of “password”. I thought that’s where I was supposed to put the “x”. But, apparently that’s the password field and “x” overwrites whatever value is there. (The window shows the password field one line higher. S, I thought I was supposed to put the “x” on the scrambled line below, then go above to edit the password field.).

Anyway, I went to Menu->Preferences->Advanced Network Connections. I deleted the saved wifi connection there. Then went back to the task bar’s network icon. Left-clicked, chose my wifi again, entered the password. That worked. (I could have created the connection from that from the “advanced” gui. But, I wanted to do it from the taskbar icon since I imagine most people use that.).

It all worked. But, it seems like that taskbar icon has some issues.

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