Needing advice in switching distros please (That are DVD live boot friendly)

I don’t have any spare USB thumb drives right now, but I just downloaded Lubuntu 22.04.2 to have ready for when I do.

I can’t make any guarantees that I will understand the instructions. I’m good with Windows, but not very good with Linux.


As firearms instructor in the Army always said “Practice Makes the Master”.



Hi guys, I tried the latest MX Linux 21.3 and surprisingly there appears to be no issues when live booting this distro from a DVD! :smile: Firefox loads every time!

I’m sorry sudodus, I wasn’t comfortable trying to fix Lubuntu to run on my system until I tried seeing if any other distros will work with DVD live boots. I’m sorry I kept all of you waiting.

Unfortunately, it looks like I’ll be moving from Lubuntu until the snap app design is removed and the old Firefox implementation comes back. (Or some other fix for DVD live boots is released)

Lubuntu was my favorite distro. Thank you for the good times. I was using it regularly since the 16.04 days. I will really miss using your distro as well as any other Ubuntu, and Ubuntu based distros. (They probably all suffer from the Firefox snap issue)

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“Lubuntu was my favorite distro. Thank you for the good times.”

I share your feeling. I’ve left a few weeks ago (to Debian primarily, and EndeavourOS ). It still hurts though.

The meaning of the English verb to leave is, according to the Cambridge Dictionary:

to leave: to go away from someone or something, for a short time or permanently

So, there is still hope for you and me.


No shame in switching to a different Linux distro one of the great things about Linux is there’s a Linux distro to suit most everyone’s needs.

I use different Linux distros and one of my reasons is I like different desktop environments.

I’ve migrated from one disto to another distro for various reasons and always seem to return to the distro I left usually when a new release was available.

One of the important things with Linux is to enjoy your Linux.

My 2 cents.