Missing icons in panel?

Sorry I post some text as image because new users can only post 1 image… and I need to show 3.


In the 1st picture with my current case (Humanity Dark), the 1st blue icon from the right is the touchpad-indicator which should appear as a small touchpad. Next one is flameshot and third one from the right is the system notification.

How can I make them appear as the correct icons? In my previous Lubuntu I remember they worked fine…


That might be because the icon themes doesn’t have those icons. Also sometimes only changing icon theme doesn’t re-draw all of the icons and a logout/login is needed

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The obvious. Reboot? I had issue until I rebooted.

Yes I tried rebooting after changing themes to no avail…
And why is that some icons require reboot but not all of them?

I’m not sure, it isn’t consistent as far as I have seen. So apparently the icon themes you have chosen doesn’t have those icons and fall back to the ones it show. Have you tried numix?

In my experience, this happens when the icon is slightly bigger than the panel size.

But it also happened to me from the second or third time that I logged in, because in my first login the icons showed perfectly OK.

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