Middle click on touchpad?

Touchpad is not behaving as it used to be, e.g., I used to be able to do middle click on touchpad if I click the upper-right area. Anyway,

How do you do middle click on touchpad?

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In my Dell Latitude E7240 with Lubuntu 22.04 LTS I could use the following steps:

  • Select Menu - Preferences - LXQt Settings - Keyboard and Mouse

  • You get a window. In the left scroll down and select ‘Mouse and Touchpad’

  • Switch ‘Device’ to AlpsPS/2 ALPS GlidePoint

  • Select ‘Tap to click’

  • Apply (and close the window unless you want to tweak it further)

  • Please notice that

    • two finger tapping brings up ‘right click menu’ and
    • three finger tapping pastes the marked field (for example text in a terminal window) <==> ‘middleclick’.
  • It works best with this computer, when I tap very lightly.


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