Merging partition

at first i started using lubuntu just to try and see if would fit for me but now i want to use it as my main system without losing what i already have in
is there any way to marge those 416gb to my 24gb or can i take some off the 416 and merge to the 24gb

Since those Windows (NTFS) partitions are in front of the Linux partition (EXT4), I don’t think they can be merged to the Linux partition safely. At least, I don’t think that’s possible unless the Linux partitions are LVM partitions but someone might be able to correct me there. Also, since this was dual boot setup, I am not sure how or where grub got setup on the disk. I know for EFI systems grub just uses the same ESP. I don’t know if you’d be expected to reinstall grub since you already have Lubuntu installed.

Can you please run the following commands in terminal and post the output text for us:

fdisk -l /dev/sda


df -h

*Note - you will need to prepend sudo to the fdisk command for fdisk to work.

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i just realised it is in other language wich might be a pain in the ass for y’all my bad

fdisk gave this :

and df gave this

Nah it’s good - the important stuff is pretty much language neutral. :wink:

If you look at the output for fdisk, it mentions that the disk label is a dos label. I think someone told me Linux can still boot with this label when UEFI is enabled as the BIOS (usually) but for sure Windows definitely will not last I checked. Therefore, we can more or less confirm that you’re booting in legacy BIOS mode.

Unfortunately, based on the output of df, it shows that your Lubuntu installation did not utilize LVM. I did some looking around the net and it looks like with this setup, the only other options available are a complicated method using dd that may or may not succeed without errors, using gparted (from live USB/DVD) and trying to shift the Lubuntu system partition to the left or reinstalling (erases data) after doing a backup and restoring what you have from the backup.

Sorry to say I don’t know how to do the dd option and I don’t have experience doing what is claimed with gparted. I would again have to understand how grub is installed on dual boot setups since that would impact booting if something necessary is overwritten. I think the less troublesome option is going to be doing a reinstall and just recovering what you can from a backup.

Someone else might have a different perspective than me though but if no one else chimes in, you can maybe ask around in Ubuntu’s own forum or

Good luck!

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