Memory Usage more than 300M

Hello people from lubuntu! My memory was at least 300M or 400M but now it’s 650M.
I don’t know if that is xdman(Extreme Download Manager/Download Manager) or lxqt panel. Please look my picture of htop:

I would like to back to 300 or 400 of RAM. Thanks in advance

Hello and welcome.

I’m a little confused about your problem so I’ll need you to help me.

Since you mention LXQt, I’m assuming you’re using Lubuntu 20.04.1 or Lubuntu 20.10. Please let us know if I’m wrong though since some people have come to do some interesting things.

Second, are you saying that your system (as it is now) has seen an increase in memory consumption despite no changes to your system (e.g. updates) or can you recall for us if you performed or encountered an event that caused this recently?

From what I can understand, your currently installed system has seen an increase in memory consumption supposedly and you are comparing to previous memory consumption for the same system with the same Lubuntu version installed.

Incidentally, my own installed Lubuntu (20.04) also happens to run around 600M.

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Im using lubuntu 20.10 and I not changed version and none upgrades and It was around 400M I dont know what causes this change. Thanks for the reply! Maybe because i changed the themes?

I just did a fresh install and it’s using 326M according to free -m. That said, xdman is not something that comes with Lubuntu. It also seems like you’ve got a bunch of stuff in your system tray, which should mean more resource usage from lxqt-panel. That said, I think your picture kind of answers your question for you: you’ve added things to lead to increased memory usage.


My Lubuntu 20.04.1 uses ~320 MB after boot or when no other applications (except Htop) are running.
Starting my web browser increases this to ~680 MB.

This according to Htop.

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Sounds about right. Pretty sure mine is the same.

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