Make some aliases to run using 'lxpanelctl run' dialog

Hello, I have defined some aliases in ‘.bashrc’, for example I have
alias imaf='/mnt/Multimedia/FirefoxPortable/firefox'
to run firefox portable. I want to preferably run it directly via run dialog (similar to what I was doing with Windows7) but it only works inside terminal. What you suggest to do?

Thanks all in advance :slight_smile:

You can create a *.desktop file under ~/.local/share/applications/.

You can copy an existing one and modify it.
For example /usr/share/applications/firefox.desktop and delete all the stuff, that you don’t need. And modify the entries for

Name=Happy Browser

It might be necessary to logout/login again to see any effects.


Thank you @apt-ghetto, I didn’t know about this.
Although my problem is solved, I’m yet curious how is possible to run custom commands via run dialog.

I don’t understand, what you mean. Can you explain better?

In Windows I can create a shortcut to anything (.exe, .bat, .txt, …) in c:/windows folder and call it via run dialog.
Under lubuntu ‘lxpanelctl run’ could run any installed software. For example by typing “Firefox”, “keepass”, etc into the ‘lxpanelctl run’ field I can run those installed softwares.
My question is that is it possible to direct ‘lxpanelctl run’ to recognize and run any executable (if not installed)?

Hope this could elaborate my question.

You are using LXDE? In this case, I cannot help you, because I don’t use LXDE.

Yes, I think. It is lubuntu 18.04 with its defaults.

Thank you for your help.

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