LXQT? They've gone dark

Apologies for asking something here that isn’t strictly Lubuntu (but is very closely related) and which is simply:

can anyone please tell me what’s happened to the LXQT website and forum??

I’m using LXQT on top of Arch (point of interest: I did install LXQT in Xubuntu, but that doesn’t install properly, hence my dalliance with Ubuntu was quite short).

I really need to find some answers specific to the LXQT desktop and session settings, but not only is the LXQT website down, so is the forum, and site checkers like “isitdown” are all reporting that it’s completely offline.

Is this just routine maintenance? Is it being moved? Are they merging?

I DO sincerely hope LXQT is being abandoned! Jeez - after years in the wilderness Desktop design on Linux has finally entered the 21st Century! (it needs quite a lot of polish still, but it’s a brilliant start).

Many thanks.

since your using arch, why not ask your questions on their site. They may be able to guide you.

not helpful, but if you’d like to know why it’s because they are INCREDIBLY strict about questions and NOTHING outside of the extremely narrow range of questions pertaining ONLY to Arch Linux is allowed.

I’m presuming you don’t know either? I thought that asking within a site that used LXQT for their DE was at least halfway reasonable.

The websites are currently down. That is all I know. For further informations, see the Github issue.


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Oops, sorry - you spotted a genuine typo! I meant that I sincerely hope it’s NOT being abandoned.

Oh dear… the difference a single word can make! Anyway, thanks for the info, will check out the link :slight_smile:

Since you didn’t ask a question regarding lxqt, how will we know what to answer?!

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