LXqt. Metacity window borders style


Last years I was using Ubuntu Mate and I would like move to Lubuntu which looks great, but I’ve got problem with windows borders.

Is possible to enable metacity theme from Mate? I was using “WinMe” window borders from Mate and I would like to implement this in Lubuntu. Is this possible?

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I had a quick play, on a recent hirsute QA-test install, i

  • sudo apt install metacity
  • changed in LXQt Session Settings the window manager from the default openbox to metacity
  • logged out, logged in again

and yep the window border are drawn by metacity (and neofetch reports my WM is Metacity), so I would imagine any window border file intended for metacity would likely work.

I had a quick play, and no ill effects were discovered, however

  • Lubuntu doesn’t provide a configuration tool for metacity so that would need to be configured manually, or a tool for it’s configuration installed and used

  • as openbox isn’t running, many Lubuntu shortcuts may no longer operate as designed, esp. where they used openbox to achieve the results

  • no maximize, minimize buttons were present with default (metacity) borders, so I couldn’t use my familiar ‘minimize’ ‘maximize’ or ‘shade/roll-up’ buttons at the top of the window. This maybe solvable via metacity configuration, or an issue b/c of no openbox (I didn’t look). However I can minimize, maximize & even roll-up windows normally using the lxqt-panel controls.

My testing was only very quick, and far from extensive, but I didn’t have experience any issues. You didn’t specify a release, so I used a handy QA-test hirsute install. Being a QA-test install, it would have been a clean system before I added metacity.


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