Lv2core package missing


Trying to build calfplugins from source , since the ones coming from the repository are fairly old (from 2015) on Lubuntu 18.04.3 64-bit running on my old laptop that I was hoping to use for live audio. The latest calf-plugins have evolved in non-trivial ways it seems. However as per the build instructions, I am supposed to have these dependencies met:

apt-get install libtool autoconf libexpat1-dev libglib2.0-dev libfluidsynth-dev jackd libjack-dev lv2core libglade2-dev lv2-dev

However the lv2core package seems to be missing from the bionic repositories. Is there an alternative to be used ? Any clues on how to proceed ?


lv2core in xenial (16.04; just a dummy package that pulled in lv2-dev, so Iā€™d suggest lv2-dev (, a package you already had listed.

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Thanks a lot. However, I avoided the build-from-source (since then Iā€™d have to worry about staying up-to-date as well), by going with kxstudio repositories. Looks like the maintainer of kxstudio is back, and kxstudio for bionic/18.04 was already apparently cleaner (given the issues I faced with kxstudio on 19.04 ā€“ reported on another thread).

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