Lubuntu wont boot: Failed to start detect available GPUs and deal with any system changes

Hi, im using Lubuntu 20.10. Yesterday i installed virtualbox from then when i start lubuntu it says “Failed to start virtualbox web service” and after few seconds system boots and everything works fine. But now below that it says “[FAILED] Failed to start detect available GPUs and deal with any system changes” and its stuck it wont boot. help.

Im using HP Pavilion dv5.

You is using virtualbox latest version ?
what is the GPU ? is using proprietary drivers ?
Have enough system memory available ?
Have enough disk space in virtualbox machine snapshot folder ?

I thought it was a problem with virtual box so i went into recovery mode, root shell, and uninstalled virtualbox from there. I have a lot of free system memory, im not using proprietary drivers, GPU is NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT.

try install proprietary drivers for your Geforce card and install latest virtualbox

I’m a little baffled at this one but perhaps most confusing is the original post. I read it like so:

  • Lubuntu 20.10 is installed
  • After that, VirtualBox is installed
  • Upon rebooting, there is an error about a VirtualBox web service, but then the system boots and everything is fine
  • Upon rebooting, there is an error about GPUs and it won’t boot

Those last two are contradictory, it seems. So I’m a little confused as to what to say.

Looking on AskUbuntu, there’s a whole hoarde of different issues that come up with that error. Several were determined to be hardware problems. Of the others, it’s kind of a random selection of possibilities:

I fixed it, i was looking for the fixes on the web and everything consisted of lightdm as a display manager to be the problem, but lubuntu 20.10 uses sddm. So i went to root shell in safe mode and installed lightdm from there, restarted and everything worked fine. Thanks for help i thought there is no fix for this.

If it’s the display manager, maybe simply reinstalling sddm could have done it.

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