Lubuntu wifi problem is fixed for new update?

lubuntu wirelessly lost its connection to the wireless network after a certain point after 20.04 version and I could not connect it again, but was this problem solved in 22.10 version?

Why not try it on the live ISO ?

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You need to provide more details. There are many different wifi hardware component providers so there is no blanket connection problem solved. There is a corresponding wifi software driver for each of the wifi hardware types which may or may not have issues with different kernels.

What do you see from running (You will want replace ip address with XX):
lshw -C network

I opened lubuntu from live usb and tried to connect to internet but it didn’t work

The live system likely won’t have the WiFi driver you need. You need a wired connection to your router so that you can then download/install the necessary driver.

As mentioned previously, please provide us your hardware info… you can paste the output of the command mentioned above here. We need to know these details to get a better clue.

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