Lubuntu web site move

As Thomas and I noted on reddit & some other places,

the Lubuntu Team is migrating our infrastructure from one provider to another, and as such many of our sites and assets are offline or disrupted.

As stated

We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused - we didn’t intend to disrupt people’s workflows at all, however the migration needs to be completed for everything to behave properly and be properly where it needs to be for the resources we need to operate our infrastructure and such.

For those that saw the notices; it took slightly longer than hoped for this discourse, but most sites were up and operational very quickly. Real life got in the road a little and delayed all work, but it’s back and operational right now :slight_smile: but there is more work that needs to be done, so it’ll return to RO (read-only) for a bit longer :frowning: then return fully functional & better than ever ! :heart_eyes:

We also apologize for the lack of advance warning.


I wasn’t sure what was happening and was expecting a blog post or something. I didn’t think to check Reddit since I don’t really like that platform. This gives me a good opportunity to subscribe myself to other news feeds now at least. :laughing:

It’s good to see everything getting back to normal though as I was assuming something similar to the scary event from before happened again.

Goods news is good news! :grin: :partying_face:


For you, I’d suggest setting up a chat client and joining #lubuntu (the chat client installed should connect you to libre, depending on how old your Lubuntu is - if not directions are around here somewhere).

Then, when there’s a major outage, you can stop in and ask for info.

You don’t have to keep the chat open or anything, but it’s generally a good place to get that type of answer. “No ETA but they’re working on the site’s infrastructure.”

Anyhow, you’d not have to run around looking for information - you could just open the chat and ask.


As Thomas has updated us on Reddit

We are still migrating much of the infrastructure that Lubuntu uses to a new machine. While migrations may be slow, the problem is that all our infrastructure uses the same DNS records. Unfortunately, because of this, there is a chance that when the DNS changes for the infrastructure, all existing infra will go offline and be unreachable until the migration completes.

This is unfortunately due to the way infrastructure was set up in the past. Rest assured we’ll try and limit the impact of this migration on our side, but worst case is there may be a global outage of Discourse, the IRC bridge, the Phabricator site, etc. in the near future as we finalize migration steps.


Web migrations are currently being performed.

Expect errors on some of our sites, eg. will give errors for awhile.


We’re doing migrations in pieces. Manual, phabricator, this discourse, and others are already migrated there’s only a few pieces left that I have to actively worry about, but a majority of things are moved now.


I got a note at the top of the page congratulating (presumably the admin - you) for installing Discourse. The message disappeared after I logged in. I’m normally logged in all the time, so I figure something must have changed.

Other than that, it all looks normal/as expected.

Thanks for the hours and skill you put into this.