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Hello,have one question,create lubuntu bootable usb in rufus in gpt scheme which option best to chose iso image mode(recommended)or image mode dd?Thanks…

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FYI: Sorry I have no experience with rufus, as I only either dd the file directly to thumb-drive, or more commonly use mkusb


To add to the above, Rufus isn’t as reliable as it used to be. Unless you need specific Rufus functions, I’d highly recommend using Balena Etcher instead:


Cloning is a reliable method, that works with all current Lubuntu iso files, and Rufus is cloning in ‘dd-mode’. So If you want to use Rufus to make a standard live (live-only) USB drive, you can use ‘dd-mode’.

dd, mkusb, Balena Etcher, The Ubuntu Startup Disk Creator (usb-creator-gtk and usb-creator-kde), Disks (gnome-disks) are cloning too.

When making a persistent live drive, mkusb and Rufus are not cloning. Unetbootin is never cloning.


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