Lubuntu support of 21.10

Regarding the Blog post of the 21.10 release announcement, it states that this version will be supported through July 2022. Since the releases are every six months and 22.04 will be a LTS release, should the users upgrade to this release, if they want, then upgrade to a future 22.10 (non-LTS) release?

It would seem that if someone does not want to use LTS releases, in years where a LTS version is released, support for 21.10 (or non-LTS versions) ought to continue up to the release of the next non-LTS version and not end in July.

Please accept my apologies if I am misunderstanding this.

The Ubuntu family have two intended upgrade paths.

Every release

ie. 20.04 → 20.10 → 21.04 → 21.10 → 22.04 → 22.10 etc

Only LTS releases

ie. 20.04 → 22.04(.1) → 24.04(.1)

where obviously 22.04 & 24.04 currently do not exist; I used the (.1) as the upgrade only opens after the .1 release has occurred; 22.04 currently exists in jammy in alpha as we’re currently in the jammy development cycle

Lubuntu 21.10 users will upgrade to Lubuntu 22.04; and then have the choice of staying on the LTS path, or continuing their non-LTS (every release) path; being able to decide again which path when they reach the next LTS.

Note: the upgrade tools do allow you to upgrade from the current LTS to the next non-LTS; ie. they’ll allow you to upgrade from 20.04 currently to 21.04; but that’s outside of the expected upgrade paths so issues may occur; stick to the intended paths for best results


Thank you, again. :slight_smile:

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